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recipeslanger's Journal

slanging those recipes from the interwebs left and right

Recipe Slanger
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I slang recipes I find on the internet for all those who are fatty and need a helping hand of what delicious goods to make and eat.

After quite sometime of printing out what to make for dinner, recipe cards with runny ink and recipes pages stuck together from god knows what I have made in the past. I said “TO HELL WITH IT!” and made a blog dedicated to all things cooking to help me on my passage to “no FAST FOODom”. I come across alot of recipes and all the while I think that I will remember to come back to it, I usually don’t. So this is my recipe “box” for all to see.

If you would like to contribute to my madness or have any questions, concerns, comments. Feel free to email me: recipeslanger@gmail.com

Happy Cooking!


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